Hello and thanks for visiting! 

My name is Jimmy Cruz. I’m an Atlanta-area pro musician. I primarily play electric and acoustic guitarists, bass, and I write music. I'm also a professional guitar instructor. 

I live with my beautiful wife, Cheryl and between us we have 5 grown kids and 2 grandchildren. 

There's a little bit of everything here: a little about me, some videos, lots of music, latest news and some blog posts.

Some of the music here are songs I’ve written or songs that I recorded with other artists.


Some of my original music can be heard on the Music page. Besides my own tunes, there will be renditions of other’s songs. There will also be some of the work I’ve done with other artists. 

I play in multiple musical genres. My compositions are stylistically diverse as well since my musical influences are wide ranging. So you might be hearing a lot of different things here, musically. Styles would include that of blues, jazz, rock, acoustic stylings and at times a mix of all of this in a song.  The latest song I've written and recorded is a Jazz-Rock Fusion song called "Clarion Call for a Dark World". It's uploaded to the Music Page.

One of my projects was arranging and performing jazz renditions of some of my favorite gospel hymns. Those can be heard on my blog post about it. 

Erin Reilly

Rock Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Over the last few years, I’ve recorded guitar work on 3 albums by Erin Reilly. Erin Reilly is a Virginia-based Christian Rock singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She graduated with a degree in music education and is a prolific songwriter. Her music covers a wide range of styles containing rock, jazz and classical elements. Click Here to see my blog post featuring Erin’s music along with my guitar contributions.

Giorgio Finetti

Italian Jazz Violinist/Keyboardist

Giorgio is a prolific composer who writes in a jazz fusion style. He's invited me to play on a few of his songs.  In late February 2022, He invited me to play on a funk tune he collaborated on with bassist Steve Lucas called “BumpDeFunker”. It was a fun tune that had a 70’s funk feel. Giorgio played violin & keyboards, Steve played bass, Mark Jensen was on drums, Paul Whitwam played rhythm guitars and I contributed the lead guitar work. You can hear the songs I've played with Giorgio on my Music Page.