A Summary Snapshot

Originally from Long Island, NY, I’ve performed since I was 16 eventually earning a living as a musician. My 50 years of playing experience includes performing with many bands in different musical genres, solo performances, and participating as part of music ministries for over 25 years in various local churches where my family and I were members. I’ve also participated as a guest in a few church music ministries as well. Though I always enjoyed performing, my involvement in the music ministry in churches has been the most meaningful to me.

My main areas of musical focus through the years has been in Jazz, Blues, Rock, Gospel, Classical and acoustic guitar styles. I’ve dabbled in other genres but those are the ones I’m most adept at playing.

In addition to performing, I have made a living as a guitar instructor for over 35 years and have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students in the Atlanta area. A number of guitar teachers and performing musicians in my area over the years were actually former students of mine.


"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

Born in 1960 on Long Island, NY. The fascination with the guitar, started as a child growing up in my home town of Lindenhurst, a wonderful little village on the South bay of Long Island. At an early age I was exposed to Hispanic music which was rich in exotic rhythms and melodies passionately played by virtuoso guitarists, which caught my imagination. Mixed into that was hearing all of the popular music of the time during that decade.

In my preteens, my Dad bought me an electric guitar from a pawn shop that looked cool but, because of some flaws in the instrument, it proved difficult to play. Despite those challenges, I persisted in learning and practicing. I started guitar lessons on that guitar. I got a job as a newspaper delivery boy in my early teens and was able to save enough money, with some help from my Mom, and bought my first professional instrument: a beautiful natural wood-finish Fender Stratocaster. It was a fine instrument and it played so smooth. My fingers had built up a lot of strength and dexterity from playing on my first “starter” guitar which made playing on that instrument effortless. A few years later I was able to purchase a beautiful Gibson Les Paul Custom (pictured above).

The 70's & 80's

Naturally, growing up as a teenager in the 70’s, I was hearing the legendary sounds of all the great classic rock guitarists which I eagerly sat to learn how to play in that style. Then a friend introduced me to Jazz and later a teacher introduced me to Classical music. My musical appetite and my hunger for learning deepened. I was practicing all of the time and while taking lessons I did a lot of self-study reading through music theory text books that I sent away for. I also read books about music history from my high school and local library along with music industry magazines. I wanted to learn from anything I could get my hands on. Also I had the privilege of studying under some fantastic guitar teachers and had exposure to many wonderful musicians through those early years that helped me to grow musically as well as hone my playing skills. 

Gigging and Growing

I began playing with gigging bands in my mid-teens which continued from the 70's and into the 80's. My first gigging band consisted of a 4-piece horn section in which each of the players, besides being skilled on their instruments were also good singers. We played a lot of top 40 rock and dance music that was popular at the time especially songs that had horn arrangements and full harmonized vocals. Over the next few years, my life was filled with lots more musical activity. I played in several bands of many different genres and I also had played in small ensembles. 

I was going to attend college to further my musical studies and had applied to Berklee School of Music in Boston as well as Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Virginia. It looked like I was going to go to Shenandoah with a focus on classical guitar but my plans changed with a different opportunity opening up. My musical travels took me from New York, Los Angeles, Florida and finally Atlanta, GA where I reside now.

Music & Life Takes a Different Unplanned Turn...

"The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men"

In my 20’s I was rehearsing with a prog-rock band that played covers of a number of popular songs in that genre. While in that band I had an unexpected but  transformational encounter with the reality and person Jesus Christ that drastically changed my life and my life’s direction. I left playing in club bands for the most part. Shortly afterward I married and over the next many years worked in corporate America while raising a family and followed a different path for my music which included teaching professionally. 

Even though I had occasionally “performed” in a few live (secular) settings over recent years, my main focus for my music had been in offering my service in the music ministry of the local church. The last few years I have significantly scaled up my guitar instruction business while writing/recording my own compositions and collaborating with other musicians. I’ve also had the pleasure to help develop and train a number of like-minded Christian musicians to become more skilled for service to God in local churches. In addition to that, I've walked into a calling to teach bible classes and encourage other adult Christians at our church, something I never had envisioned or pursued but God had different plans.

I am thankful for this wonderful gift of music but greater than that, I’m forever grateful for the grace of God that I encountered in my life that gave me peace with Him and a beautiful wife and all our kids. My prayer is for my life and my music would give glory, honor and praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.