My Music

I have always loved writing music. Even from the very beginning of learning how to play guitar, my inquisitiveness about how music works led me to tinkering around putting notes and rhythms together to make new sounds. I tend to be easily inspired which fuels my imagination to birth new musical ideas from the sounds whirling around in my head. I know that may not sound normal to some folks but that’s the way it happens with me.

The audio performances below have been done by me as either a guest guitarist on another artist’s songs or have been composed/arranged and performed by me and may have had other guest musicians on the song. Most of my writing draws much from my jazz, blues and rock influences as well as acoustic styles. You might be interested in my blog posts (link above) as I go into detail about my inspiration or back story about some of these tunes. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for listening!

Covers and Renditions

Musical Collaborations

These recordings were songs composed by British artist, Paul Whitwam (vocals, bass, keyboards, rhythm guitars) featuring my lead and rhythm guitar work.

This song is a composition by Italian artist Giorgio Finetti (violin, keyboards, harmonica & vocals) and included Paul Whitwam (bass) from the U.K., and Richard Groce (drums) from North Carolina, and myself on electric and Spanish guitars.

Original Compositions

This one is a fun little tune dedicated to my 7 yr. old grandson.

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