Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself here so you can explore a little bit about myself as a musician and my music. You might have come here from seeing a YouTube video of one of my performances or linked here from my Guitar Lesson website and you’re investigating me as a prospective guitar teacher. Either way, welcome and thank you for dropping by!

This website is my way of saying hello and gives me a place for me to post the various video performances, music audios and to blog about the back story of those videos or songs. Some of the music posted here are songs I wrote or were written by others and I had performed on them. Some songs found here are personal renditions that I may have arranged and performed. Whatever brought you here, please look around and I hope you found your time here worthwhile.

My Latest Work on a Song

I recently finished the 6th song in what I’ve called my Gospel Jazz Project in which I’ve taken a classic church hymn that has had a special meaning to me and rearranged it into a contemporary gospel jazz instrumental.

I try to write a blog post featuring the the latest song I worked on and share some of the back story behind the song. Some are solo performances and some are performances that include other musicians. I recorded all of them in my very humble home studio with equipment that is somewhat dated – but still works, thank God! You can CLICK HERE to hear the latest song and the blog post where I share a little bit about it. I hope you enjoy it.

A Gift for You – Download Music for Free

Over the years people have asked me if I had a CD available of my music and as of yet I haven’t made my songs available as a CD to purchase. I do however allow the songs to be heard through streaming them online. Because there has been an interest lately in the collection of my hymn recordings in my Gospel Jazz Project, I felt I should make these available as free downloads for everyone.

These hymns have always been special to me and I enjoyed redoing them in my own style and recording them. I hope they might be a blessing to others as they were a way for me to honor my Lord and Savior Jesus through His gift in me. As with all of my recordings, they are not high quality as they weren’t recorded in a professional student but more as a DIY at home project as a creative outlet. Click Here to go to the song list to download or listen.