Hello and thanks for visiting here! My name is Jimmy Cruz. I’m an Atlanta-area musician, primarily an electric and acoustic guitarist and instrumental music composer as well as a professional guitar instructor.

You’ll find here a little bit about me, various video performances, music audios and blog posts about some of my compositions or musical happenings. Some of the musical recordings posted here are songs I’ve composed or are recordings of other artists which I have contributed my guitar work.

My Latest Work on musical Collaborations and songs

Solo Work: My latest song is an instrumental Smooth Jazz song called “Psalm 33” which is based on a beautiful praise to God from the book of Psalms in the Bible. Some of the verses highlight praising God with voice and playing skillfully with musical instruments. The song can be heard on My Music page. The song hit first place in a weekly top 50 jazz songs and 3rd place for top 50 songs from all genres on Drooble, a music social platform for musicians who share their music. I’ve also worked on a number of renditions of gospel hymns that I arranged and played as solo jazz pieces for acoustic guitar. The latest was “I Surrender All” which is found on the Music page.

A few months back I’ve worked on a couple of Jazz / Rock pieces: “The Fool Has Said in His Heart…” and “Blinded by the Darkness”. Both of these are tunes that I embedded Bible verses regarding the theme of the songs. Click here to listen to those songs. I plan to do more of these. I have 3 more that I’ve written but haven’t yet recorded.

Songwriter-Rocker Erin Reilly: Over the last 2 years, I’ve done guitar work on several songs (2 albums) written by Virginia-based Christian Rock artist, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist: Erin Reilly. Erin graduated with a degree in music education and is a prolific songwriter. Her music covers a wide range of styles; rock, jazz and classical elements. Early in 2021 she invited me to help her out with the guitar work on her songs. Her songwriting has a strong gospel-based message and her vision for her music was much the same as mine. Click Here to see my blog post featuring Erin’s music along with my guitar contributions.

Italian Jazz Violinist/Keyboardist Giorgio Finetti: In late February 2022, I was invited by my friend, Italian Jazz violinist Giorgio Finetti, to play on a funk tune he collaborated on with bassist Steve Lucas called “BumpDeFunker”. It was a fun tune that had a 70’s funk feel. Giorgio played violin & keyboards, Steve played bass, Mark Jensen was on drums, Paul Whitwam played rhythm guitars and I contributed the lead guitar work. You can see the tune video at the bottom of My Music page.

Acoustic Gospel Jazz Guitar: Prior to that, I’ve worked on, what I call, my Gospel Jazz Project in which I’ve taken a classic church hymn that has had a special meaning and encouragement to me. I’ve rearranged each into jazz instrumental pieces, some done as solo acoustic guitar pieces and others as a band arrangement. I’ve recorded a handful of these songs in that project with plans on doing others here and there. Those old church hymns are wonderful and replete with strong biblical teaching interwoven in finely composed lyrics. Click Here to go to the song list to give them a listen.